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The world was granted magic in the year 567. Sense than the world has changed. It is said the magic came from the pillars of creation. The crystal that stands in the middle of the Pillars of creation could never be broken it is said that is where our magic is drawn from weather Arcane or Divine. Sense the creation of magic monsters of all sorts starting slowly taking the world over. Dragons, goblins, kolbolds, and spirits of the unknown. It is now the year 1345 we have discovered new technology’s using the magic as a resource we have Ships that float in the air and machines that shoot far distances and can Pierce steel with ease.

Tameria is a world of fantasy, airships, and muskets (though very pricey). I am mostly using Pathfinder though mixing some old 3.5 in to the game. Medium experience gain and high fantasy. Also I am using Fractal Mapper 8 for my maps. I have closed this campaign and started it many times my ultimate goal is to turn this in a major campaign setting that has its own rules and that can be used for Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons V3.5. Being in Collage makes this difficult I will gladly take ideas for what people would like to see in a campaign setting.

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